Rustic Wedding

Top of Djs!

"Thank you! We are literally just adjusting our vendor list to have you at the top of Djs! We had a blast with you. Thank you for being so accommodating and easy to work with! We will definitely see you again in the future!"

Elissa & Chris

Best Dance Party of My Life!

"The ceremony was my favorite part. It was the happiest and most beautiful 40 minutes of my life! Kevin did a great job with the music, the volume was just right and his timing was almost perfect. The speeches were my second favorite part. Thank you to Kevin for your impromptu lead-in speech which was so eloquent and heartfelt. It really brought a tear to my eye.

The shoe game was another favorite time, the questions were really original, I have seen the shoe game several times but the questions you used were the best I had ever witnessed.

The dancing was unreal. I tried not to have any expectations about how long or rockin' the party would be so I wouldn't be disappointed... and I was NOT disappointed! Your remixes were so perfect, even my dad who hates electronic music, said he loved how creative they were.

You were so good that we had to keep it going at an impromptu afterparty, we had so much energy! Thank you for taking the time to really listen to what we wanted. Your timely phone calls and your receptiveness to our needs were evident in an outcome which was a perfect reflection of what we had discussed, and of Chris and I as a couple. Also thank you for going above and beyond to find us in the hallway before the grand entrance and help us get organized, and most of all for keeping the party going so strong!

Weird to say seeing as I have partied all over Europe, Asia, South America, and at Burning Man, but that was the best dance party of my life!!

Christina & Evan Dodds

SO Many Compliments on the Music!

"Besides 1) marrying the love of my life on such a beautiful day... my # 2 most memorable part of my wedding was the music / Kevin's sick DJ booth dancing skills! ... The wedding as a whole was perfect in every way to us and having you guys there, helped make it perfect. We had SO many compliments on the music and the atmosphere you helped create that night for us."

Justine & Danny Steel 


"Thank you both for making the trip to Kamloops and being a part of our special night. We're so glad you were able to make it!! You two certainly played a big role in making our wedding THE BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES... so far 😉 Keep shining bright and spreading the love!"

Allisha & Terry Heidt

Amazing Job!

"Lara did an amazing job of filling my wedding week with bliss. The yoga sessions that she facilitated at both my stagette and wedding day morning were exactly what I needed to stay in the moment and enjoy this amazing time in my life. Thanks, Lara, for bringing your light, love, and kindness during our wedding and for reminding me to breathe, connect, and relax."

Stephanie & Mike Reeder

If you ever need a reference, we would be happy to provide it!

"Thank you guys again for being part of our day, we really had a great time and you two definitely kept the dance floor moving! We very much appreciate the MCing and most of all the lovely song Lara sang at the end. We really appreciate all you did! If you ever need a reference, we would be happy to provide it!"

Devan & Alison Toop

Best Day of Our Lives!

"I had the best day of my life. Everything we had talked about, you provided us with. Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. … Upbeat music all night (as we requested)!"

Katherine & Thomas Whittman

Highly, Highly, HIGHLY Recommend!

"First of all, please let us express our deepest and sincerest gratitude to the two of you for agreeing to DJ our wedding. We could not have been happier to have two of the people that we admire the most attend our wedding, and then DJ it! You two are the epitome of joy, happiness, and love, so who better to help us celebrate 0ur love than the two of you!

We have received the most amazing compliments from every single person who had attended our wedding, and always included in their comment is, “It was so much fun!” or “I danced the entire night!” or “The music was amazing – I had a ton a fun!” We also received extreme praise for you, Lara; your singing live was something so unique and so beautiful, and I will keep it close to my heart always! Your last song for us was heartwarmingly beautiful and I will always remember that moment. The entire show ran so smoothly and the music was absolutely perfect – a great mix of old and new that everyone could dance to, and it was really tailored to who Thomas and I are – we LOVE to shake it. I don’t think I left the dance floor the entire night! Too often we have gone to weddings where the DJs sit at their booth and stare blankly at the bodies dancing before them, and it has been an absolute drag. Thankfully, this was NOT the case with Kevin and Lara!!! They were both on their feet, dancing and grooving, and really adding to the atmosphere of joy, laughter, happiness and LOVE! Kevin’s dance mixes were perfect and I don’t think that there was one person that did not get up and dance!

We would highly, highly, HIGHLY (!) recommend Kevin and Lara as DJs for weddings or any other special event or occasion! Both my husband Thomas and I feel that our wedding was a day that we will cherish forever and we know that we could not have done it without Kevin and Lara’s expertise, passion, and indescribably infectious zest for what they do!"

Lindsey & Ray Hayter

Absolutely Made Our Wedding Night!

"Kevin and Lara absolutely made our wedding night! Their attention to detail and caring nature made us so comfortable in planning our wedding schedule and their energy and talent made our wedding an unforgettable one. People are still talking about the vibe they got from these two! The personal touches and time they put in for us are what meant so much, we knew we were in good hands and trusted that it would flow smoothly, and did it ever! The best day of our lives and so thankful that we got to share it with Kevin and Lara!"