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How to be a Great Wedding DJ – Penticton


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Weddings are a party of two people coming jointly out of love. Great weddings, however, are so much more.

A great marriage has every little thing to do with the events around the betrothed. It’s about the meals, the open bar, the setting, and of course, the music.

Most great weddings end in the joyous, and sometimes rapid, dancing of everybody from children to grandparents. Unnecessary to say, the wedding DJ is a focal point of a excellent wedding dance party, but how do you be the best wedding party DJ you can be?

Be skilled

Your reliability begins long before you appear at the wedding. You need to have a excellent website, for beginners. Wedding DJs make strong money so the competitors can be intense.

Make sure your web page lets people know what your costs are, where you’re situated, and how you stay out from the competitors. Don’t forget to include recommendations on your website!

Make sure to react to clients promptly. Don’t play into the “party DJ” image. You’re djing the most essential event of these people’s lives so they want to make sure they’re not having a hangover positive bro.  

Cover the little details

Ensure that you go through any and every little aspect with the wedding party. I would recommend creating a standard set of questions to expedite this success, which you can do using a personalized form on your website.

Here is a list of concerns to get you started:  

What equipment will be provided by the venue?

Do I require to bring a microphone for the wedding ceremony to use?  

Do you have an schedule or routine ?  

When do you want me to appear ?  

When do you want me to begin playing?

Are there any social sensitivities I should be informed ?

Don’t be late

Being late is not an option. Let me replicate that for emphasis, BEING LATE IS NOT AN OPTION!

You’re a single piece of a very complex event with lots of shifting pieces. Do not be the purpose things don’t go efficiently.

A lot of wedding DJs get employed by referrals, so keeping the marriage party happy is essential. Ensure that to know when they want you to appear, when they want you to be fixed up by, and when they want you to start enjoying.

Be obvious about what’s predicted from you

The last factor you want is to display and have all sorts of obligations that you’re not prepared for. Also, be clear about how a lot of hours you’re expected to be there and how a lot of hours you’re expected to work. Offer extra time options advance.

This means if the marriage goes a little late because individuals are having such a excellent time, there doesn’t need to be an uncomfortable discussion at the end of the evening about how much you’re getting paid. 

Have a wide musical information of multiple styles

As a marriage DJ, you’re not there to perform the music you’ve published or even the songs you like. If you do get to play things you enjoy, that’s excellent! But your job is to perform the music the individuals at the marriage want to hear.

Ensure that know about a lot of various styles, music from different times, and music that will create them dance. A list of music the wedding celebration wants to hear is very helpful. A list of music they don’t want to listen to is even more helpful. 

Be sure your social expertise are up to snuff

As a wedding ceremony DJ you’ll want individuals to like you. It’s often your job to form the mood and feel of the wedding, so you’ll want persons to do what you say.

Be friendly, smile, and say yes to no matter what you can. You’ll have to do some, so make sure that you’re power level matches the reception.

Also, you’ll have to learn how to deal diplomatically with drunk guests. They’ll make inappropriate songs requests, want to discuss your ear off, and they may even leak a beverage on your gear. Stay relaxed, be firm, and be kind.  

Know what music requests to take

Every wedding DJ will have to turn out to be adept at knowing what music requests to take, and which types to turn down.

Even if somebody makes a request of a song that you’re preparing to play, be cautious about how you agree to the request. You don’t want the same individual coming up to you every 5 minutes asking for something.

As far as who can basically request songs, the nearer they are to the marriage party the better. If the bride wants to hear Beyonce’s Consumed in Love, you have to play it, but if consumed uncle Al wants to hear Nov Rain, that’s a difficult pass.    

Know how to read a crowd

A great wedding DJ knows how to change the tone of a wedding with a single song. After dinner, how will people know how to start dancing unless you play Shout by The Isley Brothers or Beat It by Michael Jackson?

When the evening is winding down you’ll also be in cost of the musical denouement.  

Always have a data backup

Things go incorrect, things crack, and factors run out of battery. Back ups are essential, particularly if the marriage is out of town someplace, far away from audio devices stores.

While you most likely don’t need a back-up laptop, be sure you have a backup re-loader and online backups of whatever you need to DJ in case something occurs.  

Be adaptable

This is most likely the most significant piece of guidance I can tell you. You’ll need to adjust to all kinds of circumstances. You’re just one individual that the marriage party is reservation so they might overlook factors or forget to tell you significant pieces of details. You’re there to be sure that they have the most effective time on their special day, so you’re proceeding to have to roll with the blows.

Extension wires and energy bars are good things to carry incase the venue doesn’t have plenty of outlets for you to use. I’d also recommend you carry your own table to use. Call the location ahead and go over your programs. If they do marriages often, DJs possibly make the same errors and they’ll help you prevent the problems that other DJs have created.

Becoming a wedding DJ is a excellent way for DJs and digital artists to complement their incomes. The pay is generally very good and the jobs can be a lot of fun. So be prompt, professional, and celebration on!  


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